Nursing Supervision

Professional Nursing Services

As an Adult Day Health Care Center, we provide nursing supervision and emergency services as necessary to all senior members in our facility.

At Health Guard Inc, our certified nursing assistant helping in scheduling or managing meetings with our facility staff and senior family members to discuss healthcare and issues related to nursing treatment plans, intentions, and results.

professional nursing services
nursing supervision by Health Guard

Keep your family healthy with our nursing care.

We offer professional nursing services to eligible olderĀ adults and, or adults with disabilities and our nurses at the facility responsible for the following:

  • Assess senior members daily and implement individual programs.
  • Provide skilled nursing care and treatment as appropriate to our elderly members.
  • Works with adult members and his/her family to meet the needs and purposes set in the nursing care plan.
  • Provide knowledge and guidance on health-related topics and instruction in daily living skills.
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At Health Guard, We offer nursing supervision for the elderly loved one!

Your elderly loved ones will thrive in our safe and supportive environment.