Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy for Seniors

Communication is vital for people across, all ages. However, there is a population that tends to have issues when it comes to communicating clearly with people around them: the elderly.

They, most of the time, live with age-related conditions like dementia, hearing loss, and other lifestyle diseases. With that, there is a need for them to communicate effectively in order to be able to get the assistance they need in managing such conditions.

Great speech plays an essential role in ensuring that the senior has a quality life.

Conditions that may cause inadequacy in the speech of the elderly

Several factors may call for speech therapy for the elderly. They include suffering a stroke, dementia, brain injury, and certain cancers like that of the mouth and the throat.

Such conditions interfere with the senior’s ability to communicate.

How do you know if your loved one needs speech therapy services?


For one, if you notice that they are struggling with presenting simple requests to others, then it should be a cause for alarm.

In some cases, the senior may have trouble trying to swallow, and a once talkative person may progressively start becoming reluctant to speak. These are signs that you need to contact a speech-language pathologist.

What are the benefits?

You must be wondering if at all senior speech therapy will be worth the seniors’ time: here are the reasons why you should go for it.

Speech is an essential aspect of life. Everyone needs to be able to express themselves verbally and call for action when there is an emergency.

Several things may happen in the life of the senior that may impair their speech. It does not have to end there. Reaching out to a speech-language pathologist will be the solution.

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